Wednesday, June 17, 2020


LOVE YOURSELF , it sounds little bit weird right, yes I mean it do you know why ?  You can make out when you finish this article.As everyone is behind the depression and suicide now, I'm here to discuss how to avoid such a condition.

I lost my mind and i'm trying to figure out yours, this is the present scenario we are going through,most of us ignore ourselves for the sake of others, a sacrificing parent, mistreated children, cheating relationship and so on. So where are we about to? Please dear stop your race with the challenging  life  for a minute and listen to me. I know the small small crisis and challenges due to this pandemic and financial issues cannot make you a depressive patient, but if you are not opening up your feelings to your dear ones how will it be resolved.


All of us should open up our feelings to someone. who is this someone? the answer is simple the person whom you trust,who can silently hear you, the one who could fix your problem if not at least support and be with you in times of crisis. Its totally up to you! so by reading this someone came to your mind right . It's ok if you can't trust anyone leave it the next step will help you.


In some situations you may find it really tough to open up so the best way is to distract your mind. But how? its really simple if you are a day time person you will be busy full day and feel left out only at night time (vise versa for a night person) due to the burning stress in mind you feel  difficult to sleep, and the disturbing thoughts will come up one by one so what you have to do is,
  •  Listen to some music( please try to avoid that sentimental                  playlist from your phone).
  •   Play any brain games if you are weak at it try the one you                   like.
  •    Read some religious books if you have belief in God,                        even  detective novels will help.
Try this for at least three months I'm sure you will feel light


Minimum 6-9 hours of sleep is required for a human body. moreover , a tight sleep can resolve problems too. For the couples I have a request, please please solve your silly fights and go to bed. We should never be a problem to our loved ones unconscious mind. Why unconscious mind right? its a very deep topic which will be discussed soon with you.


I don't want to show you anyone crying so no picture here.I'm not asking you to cry in front of others , but please don't keep your feelings controlled, let them flow off. Let it go dear. When you are done start to think positive about the stress which you made you cry.


Yes , I mean it love yourself, sometimes it's ok to treat yourself with your favorite goods or food, you can even go outside and have a walk, breathe in and out, smile to all those unknown persons. Just feel the world we are   living.


Even after trying all this out for at least two weeks and if you feel no difference at all, please seek the help of some expert counselor or a psychologist.

Once again LOVE YOURSELF and BE YOURSELF, try again and again until you achieve your goal.


If you have any doubts please let me know. Thank you.


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