Monday, November 2, 2020



  Everyday each one of moves through a lot of different states of moods, it can be either positive or negative . Actually we have never thought who is dominating our thought process or are we our own boss .Stress , pressure and sometimes overload of work has become a usual pattern for all of us. We never recognize that its high time to seek help. Now you may be thinking whom should i seek help ? who is more perfect than me to deal within such kind of issues? 

                   So the first thing we can do is look into ourselves accept that I have both sides both Iam good in somethings as well as I have one dark side too. In certain areas i need to improve myself but where? The answer is just simple just look into yourself are you a person who judge a person on how he looks this mainly happens in the social media platforms right ......? 

We are becoming blind we arejust accepting things which will follow our norms and the rest of the things will be completly filled with hatred and tons and tons of negative humiliating comments and with that the spread of hatred. most probably people judge a book by its cover . We see something wrapped in old rags and assume that it is just rubbish inside, but it could just as easily be a nugget of gold.  When we first see someone, it is easy to make judgements about them based upon their appearance, to make judgements about their character, habits or beliefs before we ever get to know them. The prejudices can be so very wrong. Beneath that shabby exterior, could beat a heart of gold. Behind the fine clothes and smiling face there could be a mind of pure evil. We should not judge people by their appearances.

                Next is we should accept others, this is needed mainly in relationships. other than love and trust acceptance is a key factor of a healthy everybody is not perfect each one has their own up and down , so one way or the other our imperfections make our life more beautiful and it gives out it colours 

      This pandemic are making us to stay with our loved ones , i wish all of you to spread the happiness and love instead .Finally we got an answer to this title right yes we are good and smart too right.

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